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Restaurants in Mahabaleshwar

The Bistro of Hotel Dream Land is an absolutely appetizing charm for the food aficionado. There are numerous restaurants in Mahabaleshwar, however, our menu is extremely amazing which will make your visit an unforgettable experience. You will discover our locally appreciated chefs making the regional meal with adventurous flavors. All the foodstuff is prepared with uttermost care and love. We use only fresh and most quality ingredients and prepare the food accordingly.








Restaurants in Mahabaleshwar


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The moment you enter FARMHOUSE BISRTO, you will be welcomed by words: “There is no love more deep than the love for food.” You have entered best restaurant in Mahabaleshwar.  Eating with us, you will feel, how genuinely we take these words! We cherish our food and we need you to adore it as well! Also, that is the reason each platter on the menu is prepared with extreme love and care.

The first openly known Italian food writer was a Greek Sicilian named Archestratus from Syracuse. In the fourth century BC, he composed a ballad that talked about utilizing “seasonal ingredients of the highest quality”.

This exhortation runs true even today and it is the focus of farmhouse bistro’s cuisine.

Italian cooking which is also called the Queen of the Mediterranean cuisines is worldwide recognized as one of the most healthy food. With the copious use of a wide variety of vegetables, additional virgin olive oil which has been demonstrated to decrease cholesterol and the ubiquitous pasta which gives carbohydrates required to keep energy levels.

At Farmhouse Bistro, we put special importance to wellbeing and cleanliness and all fruits, salads, and vegetables are meticulously washed in Mediclorex and filtered water for our visitors well being. You can likewise appreciate the Italian Classic – a freshly baked pizza from our woodfire oven made in the customary Italian way. Our chefs have picked a wide variety of recipes from different areas, however, his local harvests are ideal and again as a source of motivation.